Gypsy Moon
Trading Company
Close your eyes and breathe in the smell of vanilla and sandalwood incense.
Follow the scent to where the silk blows in the breeze.
Watch for the lighted stars that will fill the night...
Listen for the sound of the chimes and tiny bells.
All these things will lead you  to the Gypsy Moon Trading Company!

We will be selling our fine wares at the 2017 Renfaire After Dark at Sleepy Hollow in the kingdom of Des
Moines.  In addition to the items below, we will heat up the night with a line of massage oils, edibles,
body paints (glow in the dark and other varieties), couples games and some amazing pheromone based
products to heighten the allure, For a limited time, we are
offering some pre-show sales- check out
the page:
Love & L'amour

We will be supporting the amazing Danza Mystique, a group of gypsy dancers who bring you dances
and adventures from far away places as they perform in the lanes and show off their fine moves.  Also in
the camp will be psychic intuitive reader
Linda Leigh of Spiritual insights providing couples readings and
Savy of Nowadays providing couples massage....

You only need to gaze below to see examples of the fine goods you will find when you enter the camp.

Want more info about our other areas of business? Visit
Belly Dance Accessories and Garb:
Hip scarves hand made in Egypt as well as
practice wear. Silk Veils made from
re-purposed Saris plus much more. All
reasonably priced and beautiful
Treasures from around the world:
Tapestries with Celtic and Far East themes. Bags
for carrying your jewels and baubles. Incense,
wind chimes, bells and much more.
Handmade Jewelry:
Natural stone jewelry designed to be in
harmony with nature, Come see pearls,
agates, jade, turquoise, fluorite and many
more precious and semi precious designs.

We may even bring some of the new wire
wrap designs and hand-cut and polished
Questions or Comments? Contact us at or by email
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