Gypsy Moon
Trading Company
Close your eyes and breathe in the smell of vanilla and sandalwood incense.
Follow the scent to where the silk blows in the breeze.
Listen for the sound of the chimes and tiny bells.
All these things will lead you  to the Gypsy Moon Trading Company!
. The Gypsy Moon Trading Company brings one-of-a-kind items to our various vending events.
We seek out items that are fair-trade and eco-friendly whenever possible. Stop by our gypsy
inspired shop to see our newest items from around the world as well as some of our regular stock
(like our Pariloka incense). We work hard to bring you the best quality items at a resasonable
price.  Below are examples of some of the items we carry, but contact us directly if you are
looking for a specific item you saw at one of our events or to place an order, email: