June 2nd, 2005
Alexandria & Roberto
Gallery Under $50
Alexandria & Roberto
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Two of the most celestial stones one can find are combined in
this piece. The deep pink and white of the sugilite is
complimented by the soft blue and white of the kayanite. Fun to
wear and sure to keep you connected to higher thoughts
Ok, some pieces like to be photographed and some don't. This
piece fits very well and is very comforting to wear- BUT it
would not lay right on a flat surface. If you are one who also
doesn't like to have your picture taken or stick your tongue out
frequently and enjoy a bit of mischief, you two will get along
well! .
$34.00- yep, sold,,come see all our
pieces at the shows!
Tibetian Tiger
These are the last of a few prayer beads that we've been
savings for just the right piece and this is the right piece! Mixed
with some quality, goldern tigereye beads, this is a warn and
mystical mix. Overall lenght is about 21". Feel the strength and
gentle peace that lives in this unique necklace.
Aztec Pincess
Carved jade beads remind one of ancient carvings. The mix of
deep green stones brings in the deepest of jungles. Three agate
points make this piece fun to wear under a collared shirt or
with a great dress. Look to the sun, nature and all that grows to
know the heart of this special piece.
Spring Violets
Flourite comes in a wide variety of colors ranging from a very
light green to a deep, deep violet. This is one of our asymetrical
pieces that embraces yin-yang energy Light to dark greens with
a mix of purple reminds one of the beauty of spring violets. .
We will be expanding our product line to include sterling silver rings set with
semi-precious gemstones. These will be affordable, ranging from $30 up to
$50. Examples are below, stop by any of the shows we attend to see these
in person, try on and fall in love. .