June 2nd, 2005
Alexandria & Roberto
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Alexandria & Roberto
Smoldering Ice
A study of contrasts! The solid, square stones are
called Blood Stones. Their hues vary from the
deepest read to almost black. The polished chip
style stones are clear quartz that refracts the light
around while reflecting the red cast of the blood
stones. This necklace fastens with a loop and bar
style clasps for security and to add to the natural
feel of the design
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A night sky, if you look closely, is never completely
dark. There are twinkles of white, green, red, blue and
gray. We’ve captured that night time color in this
labradorite necklace. Little curls of silver wire twirl
along the piece like shooting stars in the night sky.
Finished with a loop and bar closure, this is a one of a
kind piece. Matching earring included.
Shooting Stars
Sold! Going to be worn with a very
special dress at her daughter's wedding!
Mermaid Guide
The pendant for this piece is a Japanese netsuke.These
netsuke is a 17th-century Japan invention to serve a practical
function. These were attached to a kimono to help hold
items as kimonos have no pockets Our sweet, little mermaid
will hold your heart, Combined with two rosewood beads
and golden agate, this is an extra special piece.
Smoldering Ice
Bold and beautiful. Looks heavy, but rests
comfortably on the base of the neck and
collar bones. These beautiful druzy quartz
pieces are a deep, blue-green color and
are complimented by a well balanced set
of agates that form the remainder of the
necklace. Waiting for that special person
to see the energy stored in this necklace.