June 2nd, 2005
Caring for you new jewelry
Alexandria & Roberto
for you

All of our stones are natural materials. They will hold up under normal wear and use and should
last for years. If you drop your necklace, it may very well break or chip. If damage should occur,
we may be able to replace the stone for the cost of the stone, plus some shipping. If we are not
able to replace the stone, we will contact you for alternative options, such as re-designing with
the remaining or additional stones.

We use a 15 or 18 gauge wire for our necklaces. This is a very durable material and should not
break. All necklaces are crimped with sterling silver beads and most have a double crimp. Should
you catch your necklace on something and it comes apart, save the beads and we will restring for
a small fee plus shipping.

We do use metal clasps instead of silver or gold. These metal clasps are much more durable and
much less likely to loose shape or split if caught on something or dropped. In most cases, when
passing your bar through the loop to fasten your necklace, you will need to use a small amount of
pressure. Our designs are made so that they will stay on and the clasping process is snug. They
should be easier to un-fasten than fasten.

Most cleaning can be done with a soft cloth. If you should need to wash a necklace or stones,
please use a mild dish washing soap, rinse and dry thoroughly. Never dip your necklace or natural
stones into a cleaning solution of any type.

If you have other questions, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page