June 2nd, 2005
Alexandria & Roberto
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Alexandria & Roberto
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This stone is known as leopard jasper, dalmation jasper and
wolfstone. No matter the name, the stone always reminds one
of the spotted, wild creatures of the world. This one has
embraced it's canine history and will be a good companion for
any outfit.
Purple Rain
Put on your rasberry beret, head out in a little red
corvette and party like it's 1999. Yes, we are talking
about the stylish and amazing Prince. This piece sings
a beautiful purple song...and we just wanted to be
able to say goodbye with this description :)
Mountain Lake
In the valley between the deepest mountains ther
lies a pristine, blue lake. The sunlight reflects off
of the service with golden glints. That feeling
and that place is captured in this water piece.
Coral Fun
If you like order and symetry, this is definitely not the piece for
you....if you like the unconventional, being one of a kind and
have a heart filled with passion, then you will understand this
piece. Give it a great home and some adventure!
pendants to the show. Lisa is busing learning cabbing, faceting
and getting back into silver smithing. It's an exciting time and
great things are yet to come!