Spiritual Insights
Linda Leigh
Linda Leigh is a spiritual listener, medium and medical intuitive who provides the
information needed by the seeker at this moment and time.  Her readings touch on life
issues related to the spirit, and nearly always presents messages from those who have
passed  and wish to offer a message to the seeker.  Most seekers receive deep
spiritual enlightenment directed by their own spirit guides and teachers from the
Linda Leigh has always been aware and seen the unseen.  Since she was very
small she has been in direct communication with her guides, “imaginary friends”,
seeing and communicating with nature spirits, then progressing to out of body
experiences, as well as seeing, talking and sending to the light many deceased
persons, some of whom were not aware they were no longer in the body.
Linda Leigh has practiced as a gifted intuitive for over 40 years. She also has the
ability to communicate with energies connected to certain places and troubleshoot
with other frequency entities. She has assisted in clearing houses/properties of low
frequency individuals; communicating as a diplomat of sorts with “others” or the fae.
She has experience with many different  examples of energy work, such as assisting
others in finding their own healing, channeling the healing energy to them and
teaching how to protect yourself, keep the energy “cooties” down and walking the
path your soul wishes.
Although operating very quietly, Linda’s numerous clients have come to her years later expressing
satisfaction at the accuracy of the reading.  Other services include psychometric readings, dream
analysis, Tarot, and energy healing including Reiki and Reconnective Healing. Linda was certified as
Reiki 3rd level in 1999 and in Reconnective healing in 2011.

Linda gains much satisfaction from assisting seekers in finding their spiritual path and passing on
messages from the deceased to family and loved ones, as well as teaching, connecting on the heart to
heart channel, and seeing a seeker feel relief, joy and acceptance in their own lives.