Welcome to Clark Grinde Art
Clark Grinde is a new and upcoming abstract artist. Clark brings bold colors and textures to his paintings.
Clark specializes in mixed media painting in pieces like "have they telephones out there" that features two
antique postage stamps, pieces of a handwritten letter and bold, vivid colors. Other pieces reflect real
events, some pieces simply evoke emotion with their play of colors and shape.

Upcoming shows: Fund raiser at the Blanden Art Gallery in Fort Dodge on December 7th, 2018, Artist
feature at Shiny Top Brewing in Fort Dodge in February 2019 and as a featured artist at the Blanden in
2020- watch for more details.
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A Bright New Beginning

'A Bright New Beginning'
This gives a feeling of a new start
or a new beginning.
16"x12" canvas panel. Acrylic paint.
'Blue Abstract No. 3'
A long, vertical painting
emphasizing the blue spectrum of
12"x  35" gallery wrapped canvas.
Acrylic paint. Unframed.
A New Formation
This started with light aqua
background. The mixture of colors
gives it a feeling of complexity.  The
green shows the various levels of
16"x12" canvas panel.  Acrylic
paint. Unframed.
'Blue Green Abstract No. 11'
Blue, green and yellow play
together with a splash of red.
12"x12" canvas panel. Acrylic paint.
'Have They Telephones Out There?'
'I Am the Alpha and the Omega'
'I Am the Alpha and the
Jesus Christ, our Savior, is
here for all time.
14"x11" gallery wrapped
canvas.  Acrylic paint.
'Blue Green Abstract No. 11'
Color Dance II
'Color Dance II'
Bright pastels bring a feeling of
happiness and joy.
21"x20" on plywood.  Oak frame.
Acrylic paint.
Blue Green Infusion
'Blue Green Infusion'
A background of bright,
warm colors allows the
upper layers of blues and
greens to pop.
8"x10" canvas panel.
Acrylic paint. Unframed.  
City Night Shade
'City Night Shade'
An abstracted view of a
busy city at night with
lights and neon signs.
8"x10" canvas panel.
Acrylic paint. Unframed.
Dots and Letters are NOT Art
'Dots and Letters are Not Art'
An collage that is a tongue in cheek
look at abstract art featuring an
image of a Victorian lady.
16"x20" stretched canvas. Acrylic
paint, paper. Unframed.
'May You Have a Royal Flush Weekend'
Every poker players dream hand.  Collage featuring
vintage wooden tiles, letter cubes, poker chips.
minature and jumbo playing cards.
12"x24" canvas panel. Acrylic paint. Paper. Wood tiles,
cubes. Plastic chips. Unframed.
May You Have a Royal Flush Weekend
Geometric shapes in
suspended animation.
18"x14" canvas panel.
Acrylic paint. Unframed.
Blue Abstract No. 3
'Have They Telephones Out There?'
This is a collage using acrylic paint,
photographs, and old letters from the turn of
the 20th century.  There was little technology in
those days.  You had to wait for extended
periods to find out if loved ones were fairing
well.  This shows the tension of waiting for
news, and the joy of receiving good news.

16"x12" canvas panel.  Unframed.
Price: $250
Late Day Forest Reflection
'Late Day Forest Reflection'
Portraying the feeling of a sunset on
a Minnesota lake.
"8x10" canvas panel. Acrylic paint.
The City at Night
'The City at Night'
A view of skyscrapers at night with
the moon shining overhead.
12"x12" gallery wrapped canvas.
Acrylic paint. Unframed.
Price: $100
The Pulls Of Life
Abstracted view of a Peace
16"x12" canvas panel.
Acrylic paint. Unframed.
Square in Square
'Square in Square'
An abstract painting
featuring layers of
squares and rectangles.
11"x14" Canvas panel.
Acrylic paint. Unframed.
The Ladder
'The Ladder'
A ladder provides a route
of escape from a chaotic
16"x20" canvas panel.
Acrylic paint. Unframed.
'The Pulls of Life'
A collage showing the many
directions we are pulled in life.
16"x16" plywood. Paper, dice,
plastic and metal game
pieces, beer caps, acrylic
paint, glue. Unframed.
'The World is Smaller
Under Trump'
The reds are darker for
a reason.  
Notice the small
American flag on the
upper left side.
18"x14" canvas panel.
Acrylic paint, paper.
The World is Smaller Under Trump
Art for Sale:
'A Uniting of Different Groups'
'A Uniting of Different Groups'
The colors are the most important part of this
painting. They blend well together through the
many layers.
18"x14" canvas panel. Acrylic paint.
Close up of letter that inspired this piece
Close-up of painting detail
Clark Grinde FINE ART
Clark C. Grinde
Acrylic and Collage Artist
Contact: Clark@cgfinan.com   Ph: 515-203-1914
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